Gegen eskapistische Unterhaltung 

This project was created between November 1, 2020 and April 30, 2021 with the support of Musikfonds e.V.'s NEUSTART KULTUR Stipend. The goal of this project was to document ongoing world events as they happened within the project window. The immediate response allows for the creation of a raw, yet, clear picture of the events as they unfolded.  


The impression of these moments can never be changed, they exists as an atmosphere, bottled for eternity, ready to be inhaled whenever our memories become distant and our actions complacent. 


To convey the atmosphere, the work does not put distance between the listener and the events, but instead directly confronts the listener with the issues at hand.  At times, the content pushes the listener's tolerance of discomfort.


The entire musical work is structured in an episodic form.  Each work is documenting one phase within the larger cycle of events.    

In addition to the musical works, I have also included playlists and a written list of the sampled material.  As the digital media landscape shifts around us, these sources that once inescapably bombarded us with information slowly become lost underneath constant flood of new content.

This project is a continuation of an ongoing series of works dealing with social issues.  


The main topic of this project is the United States' 2020  presidential election.

Sources listed in order of first appearance. 


EP. 1 - America stands for…

Here's how healthcare workers observed the flyover meant to honor their work -


Live from DC as city boosts security in preparation for Biden’s inauguration -


USA Anti-riot fence erected around White House amid post-election protest fears -


Coronavirus outbreak Blue Angels, Thunderbirds flyover Washington, D.C. tribute to health workers -


WATCH Thunderbirds, Blue Angels flyover Washington D.C. -


Blue Angels Flyover for Health Care Workers -


Southwest florida eagle cam -


Cathedral Bell Tolling for 300,000 COVID Deaths -


Ariana Grande performing the National Anthem at the Seattle Seahawks game - NFL Football -


Trump-Fan „Sie zählen Stimmen von Haustieren“ -


DOCUMENTARY VIDEO: "Stop the Steal" activists protest at Capitol in Phoenix, Arizona -


Breaking: Video from Baghdad showing the defense systems launching to intercept the rocket -


When you're recording a segment about the planned US troop drawdown in #Iraq and a rocket, followed by CRAM projectiles, fly over head #Baghdad -


The rockets attack earlier tonight in #Baghdad resulted in the death of a young Iraqi girl and injuries to five civilians.  -


Trump supporters gather in front of Michigan State Capitol in protest against Biden's elex victory -


Exploring around Bristol Wells Nevada and Desert Thunderstorm -


USA Trump supporters brave wind at Clark County protest as Biden announced pres elex victory -


Trump Supporters Protest Outside Vote-Counting Centre in Phoenix - deleted video




EP. 2 - An L Shaped W


NASA SpaceX Falcon 9 Crew-1 Launch -


Fight Song at Democratic National Convention (C-SPAN) -


SpaceX Starship SN8 Test Flight [Incredible Clean Audio & Real-time 4k Video] -


USA Armed anti-Trump protesters face off with Trump supporters in Atlanta -




Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye Michigan -


Emergency Broadcast System Test (1983) -


Audio Trump berates Ga. secretary of state, urges him to ‘find’ votes -


K3 kids recites the Pledge Of Allegiance -


LIVE Sidney Powell, Lin Wood attend 'Stop the Steal' rally in Georgia (Dec. 2)   NTD -


Newsmax issues humiliating retraction of its OWN bogus “election fraud” reporting ON AIR -


Philadelphia Reacts to Biden’s Win -


Celebrations Erupt After Joe Biden Wins the 2020 Election -


Trump Delivers Remarks From White House Amid Tense Presidential Race -


Moment US TV networks declared Joe Biden as the next President of the United States -


Biden's big night Democrats celebrate election win with fireworks display in Delaware -


Protestors pound on U.S. Capitol door, break window amid massive protests in Washington D.C. -


President-elect Joe Biden's victory speech in full -


Portlanders celebrate Biden's victory -


I lost my mind watching the launch and explosion of Starship SN8! -


You've got to reap just what you sow -


Trump supporters were seen breaking windows, trying to breach Capitol Hill   ABC7 -


Townhall's Frontline Footage of Capitol Building Riots -


EP. 3 - LeT’s UniTe THe CoUntRy!!!!


Townhall's Frontline Footage of Capitol Building Riots -


WATCH Sen. Ted Cruz's remarks before riots at US Capitol   KVUE -


Mo Brooks Calls for Blood at Trump Rally -


🔴TRUMP RALLY LIVE IN DC President Donald Trump at Save America Rally at The Ellipse 1/6/21 -


Climbing Wall FAIL at DC Protests Footage Trump supporter falls scaling Capitol Building -


Watch Trump Dances To ‘YMCA’ At His Campaign Rallies   NBC News NOW -


Yo-Yo Ma Amazing Grace Presidential Inauguration 2021-


EP. 4 - ur simpin’ too hard (deleted scenes and extras)


'Let's have trial by combat!' Rudy Giuliani riles up crowd before riot -


Ok Boomer Girl Tik Tok - Neekolu -